Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Observations of life through the news.

I'm not that old but some days feel as if I'm about 100 when I see what is happening in the world today.

No I'm not talking about War, oil spills or politics but rather the now suprising amount of mundane drivel that makes the news these days and the outcomes.

As an example I offer this gem.

I just read a news story about some idiot female named Lauren Rosenberg from Park City Utah, in the USA (please feel free to sue me as I need some excitement in my life) who is trying to sue Google because she downloaded some walking instructions to get from where she was to an address onto her Blackberry and she walked onto a highway and got hit by a car.

I mean hullo.

Its a friggen highway you dimwit.

She is also trying to sue the cars driver for not looking out for her? I mean what the?

It is people like her who make mandatory warning labels on things like coffee cups compolsory.

But there is a push from the fwit Politically Correct, wrap the world in tissue paper wankers of this world who would like to see signs erected on every beach in Australia that states, amongst other things that, "Water contains salt and may be unfit for human consumption" and this classic. "Warning - Drowning hazard ahead" along with "Sharks and other Marine creatures can kill"

I'm getting old, so what.

Just remember I have had sex 10000 times more than you have you.

Now what seems to be your problem youngster?

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  1. overpopulation. from a rampant randy baby booming generation.