Monday, June 7, 2010


I let my wife go to Bunnings unsupervised the other week. 4 hours later she comes home with 2 fruit trees, no paint brushes and another 15 litres of paint, which I am now informed I will need because she has decided to paint the other bedrooms. In other words I get to paint the other bedrooms. Only problem is that I have run out of serviceable paint brushes. Sigh. And the roller situation is looking dire too. So I guess it is my turn to go to Bunnings. No I won't take her with me she gets side tracked. No doubt within 35 minutes of leaving home she will start ringing my mobile wanting to know where I am and what I am buying. So to plan this like a military campaign. Go to front door of Bunnings, head to paint department, pick up a pack of 4 paint brushes, 2 x 12mm nap 210mm wide rollers, another bottle of turps, bottle of sugar soap, masking tape maybe 4 rolls, and another plastic drop sheet. 15 minutes travel time 10 minutes to find stuff and hit checkout gives me at least 15 minutes to head home bfore the electronic leash starts yapping at me. Sigh I treat all time aprt from my wife as bliss. Can't see why she doesn't see it the same way myself. Probably because she knows I'm going to die before she will and she just wants to make sure she gets a decent amount of nagging in before I leave her.

Aah now theres a though to make my heart warmer on another cold night. No nagging. Sigh, death where is thy sting -seems like a bonus to me.

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