Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cultural awareness training for Ruby League referees - WTF

Reading the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, the online version I'm not that well off to buy it up here in Townsville, and there is a story in there calling for the introduction of "cultural awareness training" because some lebanesse and pacific islanders have trouble with some of the words refs use during the match.

So some how the snivel liberterians have decided that it is the refs job to become 'culurally sensitive' to the whiners feelings about being called a boy, or "Thats tackle 5 son get off him", god knows what they think when they get told to 'pack' when going into a scrum. No I don't believe that refs need cultural training. Rather the players need to realise that the rules of the game are made to ensure fair play and to have a framework in which a game can come to a conclusion at the end of two halves and not as one more oppertunity to express their over sensitive culturally whinings. If you can't control yourself, your coach is incapable of teaching you how the game is to be played, you won't follow the directions of the ref then you have no place playing the game. Might I suggest you join the other football game and play soccer instead.

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