Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Urban drop kicks

Just read another story of numpties in Melbourne braking into cars and releasing the hand brakes so that they roll down hill and crash. Am I missing something here? Is that supposed to be some sort of thrill? Where do you get your kicks from that? Back when i was a lad, about 40 years ago now, we got our kicks by doing normal stuff, football, cricket, swimming, wagging school, smoking behind the bike sheds trying to impress girls by smoking at the movies and having slick back hair, got into the odd fight etc and  I stole a car once, but I was crap at it and got caught before I got to the end of the street. Bloody 3 on the tree gears, couldn't get it out of first and stalled the old holden FB. Copper dropped me on my arse, well it was his car, dragged me home where the old man also gave me a thrashing but the worse was the looks I got from my Mum. The good old mothers guilt trip. Where did we go wrong, didn't we cuddle hime enough as a baby, my son the criminal, we will be branded for life as hopeless parents, the shame, whe will have to sell the house and move interstate etc etc etc. Now days with the government and the politically correct Nazi's removing all parental responsibility on to what ever department they deem fit to handle the situation has led to 3 story high graffitti attacks on everything that does or doesn't move. I caught two kids having a tagging session on my local Girl Guide hut. Two wallops around the ears with my cane sent they bawling home with my business card so the parents could contact me as to why their little darlings came home with lumps on their heads. Never heard a peep out of them and that was 7 years ago. Hopefully they will have learned a lesson and don't do it again.

Where have we as a society decided to surrender and allow these arseholes to run ragged over society? Who is responsible? Some faceless goody two shoes with high ideals and no friggen idea of the real world. Is it time to bring back the cane? Maybe. But there is a method of dealing with these people that will remain with them for a long time to come. Make those who are caught personal details shoved into a searchable online public database for the next 45 years. Every prospective employeer will need to do a background check to see what they are getting by way of shit they have done in the past. Oh and for the tax payers of this countries sake make piss testing for drugs compulsory for those on teh dole. Test positive have your dole payments reduced, test positive twice go to jail. My taxes shouldn't be used to prop up the bloody drug habits of those too bone idle to get off their arses and do something worth while. Can't find a job? Volunteer for something. Picking up rubbish around parks isn't beneath anyone, scrub graffitti off walls, visit an old folks home, ask a neighbour if they need a hand, join the Emergency services, get off your arses and do something worthwhile with your lives instead of watching TV/surfing the net and breeding a population of dead beats.

Now heres an idea Mr Rudd. If a student wants to leave school at 15, make it compulsory that they have to do a minimum of 12 months work on the land BEFORE they qualfy for the dole. Call it work for the dole or whatever. This will give them an appreciation of how tough real life is in the real world.

I'm old and opinionated. So what, I was here first. Step up and take responsibility for yourselves and your actions. Remember without people like me you wouldn't have the Internet, iPhones, digital cameras, computers and gaming consoles, MTV and everything else you demand to have these days to entertain you.

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  1. hear hear Sir Boab, and I'm half you age I suspect!

    I'm looking forward to being old and grumpy!